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Forced marriages have become and epidemic in society today, but are so hidden that not many people know of this social dilemma.  It has rapidly spread into both the Western and the non-Western worlds causing many victims requiring urgent help.  Save Your Rights (SYR) is a new organisation aiming to aid people undergoing forced marriages.  Perhaps one of the greatest ways to helping the victims is by educating those who allow or promote such an appalling act.  Over the years, forced marriages have been acknowledged as an issue that needs to be addressed with the...

Dear AllWe are very happy to announce that your support have made us coming up to this position that we are one of the fastest growing organisation in the UK helping many individual, now SYR proud to invite all of you to our PUBLC MEETING ON 11 APRIL 09 @ 3PM. For more information and confirmation please email: admin@saveyourrights.org This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or register online.I’m sorry to say that due to some technical problem we have lost some data of online Volunteer Registration....

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During the last decade the issues of honour crime and forced marriage have come into the .....
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SYR is a non- profit organisation, predominantly maintained by volunteers. In order to help us to..
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