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 RSVP confirmation and updates for 17 May 11

Dear Guests & Volunteers,


Thank you very much for confirming your attendance. Those of you have replied us within the RSVP time (12 May 2011) please see below the confirmation of references (invitation card ref: xxx). For those, who have not replied us on time (except the VG ref: guests) we regret to say that SYR are unable to accept your RSVP, as we have offered the space to the next on waiting guests and because of the limited space.

However, SYR planning to have few screening of the film soon in London, Aylesbury and Luton and wishing to invite you all again.

Dress code: Official, Smart, Moderate. Cultural, Religious.

· Please allow 30 minutes for the security and entry clearance.  

· For any assistance please call Ms Asifa on 07988 841 228 or email admin@saveyourrights.org

Please accept our apology for any disappointments. 
* Ref. with VG & M (+) guests please do contact SYR for late RSVP

Confirmed guest’s invitation card references:  







1 VG, 3 VG, 6 VG, 7 VG, 11 VG, 53 VG, 55 VG, 60 VG,


(1 C)





8 OT, 9 OT, 10 OT, 12 OT, 13 OT, 15 OT.

16 RSV, 17 RSV, 18 RSV, 20 RSV.

14 SV, 16 SV, 17 SV, 18 SV, 19 SV, 20 SV, 22 SV, 23 SV, 24 SV, 25 SV, 26 SV, 27 SV, 28 SV, 29 SV, 30 SV, 31 SV, 32 SV, 48 SV.


7 G, 8 G, 9 G, 14 G, 46 G, 47 G, 58 G, 61 G, 64 G, 65 G, 66 G.

37 M, 63 M.


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